Who am I?


While running an anonymous Twitter account for a few years has been fun, sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough thus Keeping Up With J.Marie was born. I plan on using this blog as not only a place to post about my outfits and favorite recipes, but also somewhere I can feature and promote my favorite small businesses and brands.  Before we leap into that let me begin by telling you a bit about myself….

I’m a South Florida girl in my mid-twenties who after securing a degree in education and surviving my first year in teaching, wound up working in fashion and occasionally moonlighting as a teacher. Fashion gives me life, I’ve fallen in love with more handbags than men and after floundering in life as many twenty somethings often do, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my calling….but who really knows right?

I’m a Southern girl raised in Virginia who believes in sweet tea, wearing your Lilly with pearls, bows, and that if it isn’t moving, monogram it. I apologize in advance for any shopping addictions I may potentially create or fuel but I will not apologize for channeling my inner Stacy London and pointing out exactly what not to wear.

Love you, mean it



PS: Wanna know even more? Read all about me over on Modern Lace Magazine


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Power_Blonde says:

    SO EXCITED FOR YOUR BLOG. Writing is great and though it takes courage to say what you’re really thinking – it’s great to get it all out. Good luck, girl. xoxo

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