Think Fall, Think Dunkin!

While I do love a little pumpkin spice every now and then, I was ridiculously excited to find out that Dunkin Donuts not only had pumpkin flavors for their wide variety of coffee based beverages, but also lots of pumpkin flavored snacks! Eager to try out at least one, I basically sprinted over to my local Dunkin and was slightly overwhelmed. At the top of my must have list was the new pumpkin flavored muffins. If you’ve never had a muffin from Dunkin Donuts you are honestly missing out on so so much. They are the perfect combination of soft and crisp. The outside is crunchy and flavorful while the insides are so soft it’s like biting into a little pillow of flavor.

You could say I was excited. 

I paired my muffin with the new pumpkin macchiato; this tasty little beverage has three layers of deliciousness. Milk, espresso, and pumpkin flavor. At first I just stuck the straw and and went for it.


Big mistake. 

It wasn’t awful but I wanted to get the full effect. Trust me when I say this: give yours a little shake and stir. It’s so much better. I even added a teeny bit of Splenda because well I love Splenda and it was basically like climbing into a JCrew advertisement for fall. There I sat at 7pm sipping my pumpkin macchiato and inhaling my pumpkin muffin.

DD SoFla

I honestly felt like the epitome of fall.

Although we don’t really get to experience fall temperatures in South Florida until about December or January, I decided to dig deep into my photos from last season and get inspired. My absolute favorite must have fall items are a cute little puffer vest and a blanket scarf.

DD FallDD Fall

They’re so versatile! You can throw a neutral colored vest over anything and boom. The perfect fall outfit! If you haven’t already head to your local DD and grab my two fall faves! Oh and if you’re on the hunt for my fall wardrobe staples you can snag a vest HERE and this cute little blanket scarf HERE (PS: use SOFLAGRLPROBZ for a discount)



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