Food Friday–On Friday’s We Eat Green

So lately I’ve been overhauling everything, my closet, shoes, diet, EVERYTHING. Mainly for my own personal sanity but also because of health reasons. Sometimes change is good right? Maybe. Ask me again in 3 weeks. Anyway, this week I’ve been eating a lot of green things; green smoothies in the morning, sauteed kale/kale chips midday, and salads with/for dinner. But it’s important to remember that salads aren’t healthy when you drench them in fatty salad dressings! Enter one of today’s recipes: avocado salad dressing. Yes I said ONE OF because today I’m sharing THREE! Two are my own personal recipes and one is a Pinterest find but all are green, all are pretty healthy, and all are vegan. You’re welcome.

First up, I’m sharing my Green Smoothie recipe. I’ve been having one every morning since Tuesday and I have to say I have a lot more energy than usual! This has to be my favorite combo of smoothie ingredients and definitely the yummiest. Like I said in previous recipe posts, I’m not much of a measurer in the kitchen when it comes to my personal recipes. I’m more of a taste then add, that being said, here’s a general recipe! Base your measurements on how large you’d like your smoothie to be! Enjoy!

039 053

Got it? It’s life changing. Make it.

Now it’s time for snacks. Ever want to just eat a giant bag of chips? DON’T. You’ll end up pulling a T. Swift and find yourself lying on the cold hard ground. She may be feeling red, but post chip binge you’ll be feeling blue. STOP IT. Instead break out the kale and step away from the carbs. Kale chips are one of my favorite snacks, they’re super easy and pretty quick to make not to mention you can season them anyway you’d like. Recently I’ve been on a cayenne pepper kick and after many requests on Instagram I’ve decided to share my Kale chip recipe with you. Snack responsibly.

IMG_8221 052

The last healthy, green, and vegan, recipe I’m going to share with you is a Pinterest find! Avocado dressing! A healthy alternative to the oily and fatty dressings in the store, this salad dressing is like a god send to me. So grab a pen and get excited!!


It’s so creamy  that you’ll only need a tiny bit! For the full recipe follow this link

Remember, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating gross food. Embrace the change, embrace the greens. Namaste.

For lots more recipes follow my Munchies Pinterest board!–


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