Make It Monday–Getting crafty with Lilly

As I was planning this 3 day series on bows I found myself asking which came first; the bow or the bow addiction? Does it really matter? Exactly. A couple of weeks ago I found myself with too many bows (like that’s an actual thing) and not enough space? So many bows and nowhere to put them, my life is so hard. I know. Naturally I turned to first Pinterest and after a few heinous options I turned to my Big because Big knows best right? Her solution? If you cant buy it, make it. So off to Michael’s I went. Walking in I felt inspired. 

September Pics 395

I grabbed a wooden initial, matte modge podge, and ribbon (I ended up trading the one in the picture for a pink chevron….it seemed more ME)

Now what to cover my wooden initial with? Old Lilly planner pages of course! I stopped at the store for a bottle of wine and headed home to prepare myself for a serious crafting sesh, I mean it has to look perfect right? Right.

I set up my workspace and poured a glass of Cabernet.

September Pics 398

Next, I began selecting my favorite print pages from my planner. I cut the frayed edges off  each of the pages I ripped out and began measuring to ensure that they would fit as perfectly as possible.

September Pics 400

After lots of cutting and measuring I was ready to modge. Heres the tricky part, I know you’ll want to just put a bunch of modge on and just do it all at once but trust me TAKE YOUR TIME! Do a little bit of modge and do it piece by piece. Add a few more coats of modge to it once you have every piece glued down. While you wait for it to dry, refill your wine glass, I know its empty.

September Pics 402

You can speed up the drying process by using a blow dryer on LOW.

Once I finished I decided it wasnt enough. So when in doubt, add rhinestones.

September Pics 405 September Pics 406

Next flip it over and add your ribbon! I used a hot glue gun and then reinforced it with this outdoor waterproof glue, just in case. I also had to double each one on the ribbons to keep the bows from sliding and I also sewed cute little bows onto the bottom of them to ensure that none of the precious little guys fell off!

September Pics 408 September Pics 411

Here’s the finished product complete with my entire bow collection. I know I died too. Wondering where I got all of my bows from? Find out right here on MLP tomorrow!

For more crafty projects and DIY head over to my Pinterest!

SFGP Crafty board–


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